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Welcome to Italy on wheels UK, your ultimate destination for authentic Italian culinary delights! We specialize in catering services, serving up delicious food truck bites on the go, and providing top-quality Italian food and drink products. Explore our vibrant menu, filled with traditional favourites like pizza, pasta, seafood, risotto, arancini, meatballs, and much more. Our passion for traditional cuisine shines through in every dish we serve, all freshly cooked on-site using the freshest ingredients to satisfy your taste buds.

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Our Commitment to Authenthic Italian Quality

Our core values are rooted in authenticity, quality, community, and passion. Pietro's deep respect for his Italian heritage drives our commitment to authentic, traditional recipes and the highest quality ingredients. We believe in creating food that not only tastes extraordinary but also connects people and cultures. Every dish is prepared with passion and care, ensuring that our customers experience the genuine flavours of Italy. We also value feedback and continuously seek ways to improve and innovate our offerings. Our versatility sets us apart from food truck operations to full-service catering and supply, we cater to diverse needs and occasions.


Pietro's culinary journey began in Napoli, where he was deeply influenced by the rich traditions of his family's kitchen. From an early age, he helped his Nonna and Mamma prepare hearty meals, discovering a profound love for cooking. This passion led him to work in a local pizzeria as a teenager, where he honed his skills and perfected a secret dough recipe that would later become a hallmark of his culinary creations. In 2009, seeking new experiences and hoping to learn the English language, Pietro moved to London. What was meant to be a temporary adventure turned into a permanent stay after he met his wife. Together, they built a family and shared their love for food with their three boys. In 2022, driven by a desire to bring the authentic flavours of Italy to his new home, Pietro founded Italy on wheels UK, a food truck known for its genuine Italian cuisine.  His best friend, former boss and like a brother, Corrado, guided him to start the business. Pietro expanded his venture to include catering services and a food and drink supply business, all committed to delivering true Italian taste. Every dish, from pizzas made with his perfected dough recipe to rich, flavourful pasta sauces, was a tribute to his heritage. Italy on wheels UK typically operates at breweries, music events, and corporate and private events—anywhere there are people, food, and good times. Through Italy on wheels UK, Pietro transformed the different places in Southeast England into a culinary adventure, inviting food lovers to experience the tantalizing flavours and vibrant culture of Italy. With each dish, he shared a piece of his heritage and a taste of authenticity, turning every meal into a memorable journey through Italian cuisine, one plate at a time..





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